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Advantage at OASIS
Success Story
Silpi Chawhan
" After my studies for boards, I was looking for an Institute that would calm my nerves and shape upto the route of sure success. Then, I joined OASIS . The conceptual teaching and the OASIS test to consoli ate the concepts greatly contributed to my success."
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When you decided to take up the medical profession, you made an important choice. And now, you must be on the look out for a highly dependable institute to take care of your preparation for the Medical Entrance Examination In this context, allow me to introduce you to OASIS.

No other institute can prepare you better.

True to its literal meaning, Oasis stands as a hallowed destination for every serious aspirant to the medical profession. Its self styled, innovative and rational approach makes it stand apart from other institutes.

Oasis is a Premier Institute widely known for the quality education we impart. We are committed to ensure for every aspirant to the medical profession a sound and realistic transition from hopes and ambitions into a successful career.

The collective and coordinated information available at Oasis and the services of senior, qualified and experienced teachers can go a long way in helping you realize your dreams.

The Oasis Advantage stems from the following:

Permanent Full Time Faculty of High Caliber

The high caliber faculty working on a full time basis with total commitment and dedication is the most powerful asset Oasis has. The teachers are specially selected to guarantee a high standard of teaching. The expertise of our faculty, the conducive learning environment, the outstanding quality of the facilities ,the high level of support available to our students offered in an atmosphere of professional competence and, most of all, the impressive track record of a consistently maintained high success rate are more than reassuring

Excellent Teacher - Students Ratio

We restrict the number in each batch to 15 which ensures for every individual student Personalized attention and maximum student - teacher interaction.

Unique Methodology

Oasis prides itself of Unique Methodology and a qualitatively sound, permanent and visiting faculty specially selected to guarantee a high standard of teaching.

We encourage an active approach to learning through a highly interactive process with an interesting blend of lectures, brain storming sessions, library based researches along with classroom discussions.

Frequent and Regular Assessment Tests

To ensure proper grasp of the topic under study, provisions are already in place for frequent and short tests for self assessment and classroom discussions which enable students to flush out all their doubts. Frequent assessment tests check the students, sustain their enthusiasm and promote a healthy competitive environment.

The exhaustive Test and Discussion Series conducted after completing the course helps every student to firm up his/her knowledge leading to full preparedness for the main examinations

Merit Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students seeking admission to the regular courses conducted by Oasis. The scholarships range from 10% to 100% depending on the student's performance at the interview and the percentage secured in the Xth or XIIth Board Examinations.

Direct Admissions

We give direct admissions to students who have secured 80% and above in their board/pre-board examinations.

Excellent Track Record

Detailed information regarding our successful students is available at our office or on our web site.

The Most Honest Institute where excellence is a way of Life

We have an enviable reputation for quality programs . We do not ever compromise on quality which for us at Oasis means "Doing exactly what was agreed; keeping agreed promises." We promise to give our students the BEST. We follow stringent quality procedure to help us deliver the course material in the most effective manner. Quality control systems have been established. The process of testing and monitoring every student's progress is stringent and thorough. Performance review takes place at regular and frequent intervals.

We strive consistently to maintain a high standard which to a great extent also depends on the quality of the students enrolled. To ensure the enrolment of suitable candidates the selection is done through test and interview.

To ensure for our students thorough preparedness for the examination and to pave the way to success for each and everyone of them, we have adopted the following:

Interview based admissions to assess the exact caliber of the student so that he / she can be allotted the right batch. The students are graded into the Average, Above Average and the Scholarship Batches. This is done to maintain homogeneity in every batch to facilitate the highest possible success rate for each of the three grades.

Programming of the Study Package
: Each and every batch completes the course by the first week of January every year. This is done to enable the regular students to go through a series of 12 VERY SIMILAR TESTS together. We administer these tests to our regular students free of cost. These tests finish by 25th March and serve to give the students the fine tuning for the actual examinations.

Crash Course Program
: In the final stage of preparation, we conduct our prestigious CRASH COURSE PROGRAM to give the finishing touch.

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