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About Medical Entrance Examination
Success Story
Ashwani Kumar Singh
" Your Test Series coupled with elaborate discussions was the best thing that helped me optimize my performance. I am glad I've trusted OASIS. I owe it all to you."
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The MEE is not as complex or difficult as is generally thought of. What is required is a proper examination temperament and the adoption of the right techniques. The approach should be a conceptual one and the planning strategic.

Of the 2,00,000 students appearing for the All India PM/PD examinations, only 2200 students get selected. Obviously, the competition is fierce. For optimum performance one has to develop an excellent examination temperament to be able to coordinate all the knowledge and problem solving skills acquired and adopt a process of elimination rather than selection to get the right answer. First eliminate the obviously wrong answers and the right answer will emerge. This calls for sound analytical ability.

Though all the four subjects carry equal marks and are, therefore, equally important from that point of view, you should adopt a strategic planning to score more in the subjects you have a better grasp of.


Where as the high IQ students can help themselves from the plethora of books and study materials available, the average and above average students tend to get confused. They need the help of a definite plan, selected course material, well defined sources of information and expert guidance to steer them to success.


Today, we live in a highly competitive world. The existing system is severely demanding and exerts tremendous pressures on students and parents alike. These pressures are especially evident at the time the students are delineating their career goals.

OASIS believes that collective and coordinated information and the services of experienced personnel can go a long way in helping students cope with these pressures successfully.

OASIS helps students who have decided on a career in medicine to make their goals a reality. When you decided to take up the medical profession, you made a very important choice and when you have reached OASIS, you have found the solution to your next problem - the choice of the right institute to take care of your preparation for the Medical Entrance Examination. The expertise of our faculty, the outstanding quality of facilities and resources, the high level of support available to our students offered in an atmosphere of professional competence and most of all, the impressive track record of a consistently maintained high success rate are more than reassuring.
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